CSR undertakings


A comprehensive CSR approach

A little history…

Arising in the 1970s with the concept of eco-development, it gradually evolved to become Sustainable Development, then Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Today, we even talk about the societal responsibility of organisations. The corresponding norms and regulations appeared at the same time.

Experts and governments adopted these subjects, against a background of economic and industrial events such as the oil crises and the increase in the world population, and environmental catastrophes which have marked history.

From the 1980s, companies joined this movement, which is now a driver of improvement and performance.

During this period, AXIMUM has developed its management to adapt itself to its market and to the economic, social, environmental and societal context, constantly relying on its employees through processes of certification and standards and regulatory recognition. AXIMUM's establishments are certified ISO 9001 (since 2003), ISO 14001 (since 2009) and OHSAS 18001 (since 2011).

To ensure its long-term viability and cope with new strategic issues, on 19 March 2015, AXIMUM introduced its CSR approach. 


Our approach has its emblem, which includes all our values

Our CSR approach responds to the following strategic issues:

Strengthen our corporate culture based on ethics, innovation and teamwork

Make results sustainable and secure

Retain our customers and our employees

Contribute to opening up the company still further to collaborative work

Reconcile our "Entrepreneur – Creator – Responsible" values

Strengthen our duties and defend our rights

To achieve this, the General Management has defined an ambitious policy for which the implementation is based on a sound framework of ethical behaviour between our employees and our stakeholders, in order to do everything possible to "do well together".

Parce que la mobilité sûre est une priorité pour l’avenir des hommes.

Our CSR approach will concentrate on 5 priority topics around our stakeholders:

Our customers

Our employees

The company

Our partners

Our shareholder

Des thématiques de travail ont été définies pour chaque axe, afin de donner de l’ampleur aux actions déjà engagées et d’en initier de nouvelles.

AXIMUM has set up a dashboard for monitoring our indicators and assessing the efficiency of our actions compared to our objectives in each working topic. It is a tool for controlling and administering our CSR approach.

Our indicators cover financial, commercial, corporate, environmental and societal data.

Monitoring the ISO
26000 evaluation

The reference management model chosen is the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management), which enables us to set ourselves challenges based on best practices, in order to obtain evaluation according to ISO 26000 before the end of 2017.
19 mars
Presentation of the CSR policy by the General Management
Training the management teams and the heads of establishments
Initiate working groups
Début 2016 Réalisation des premiers audits internes

Initiatives and actions

Aximum is deploying the "Work together" approach

Inspired by the Lean Management method, this management technique requires the teams to work in a collaborative state of mind, oriented towards reducing waste, resolving problems and improving methods of production and implementation.

Motivation and exemplary behaviour are essential.

So, letting people on the ground speak, and favouring team work, has led to :

  • The development of an overhead hammer on an ergonomic mast, which reduces risks during contracts to maintain crash barriers
  • The creation of a bolt trolley and a crash-barrier grasping trolley
  • The perfection and simplification of the process of placing rimmed lids on paint pots
  • The use of templates for constructing pedestrian crossings

Aximum favours employability

On our site at Nogent-sur-Oise, we have recruited a manufacturing operator. He came accompanied by his wife to sign his contract, which he was not able to read on his own and, during a temporary assignment, he demonstrated his motivation and know-how. To help him to become more reliable in complying with procedures, we designed an appropriate training programme compatible with the exercise of his job. As well as securing his professional career, it is the daily life of our employee, encouraged by his family, which has changed. 

Solidarity and sponsoring

"Aximum's engagement alongside Issy Paris Hand demonstrates our will to support the club in its actions to train and support young talent. It is also a symbol of our conviction that performance is compatible with the values of respect, ethics and social mobility conveyed by the club.

As part of the implementation of our CSR approach, I intend to promote these values and encourage teamwork at the service of collective performance. In handball, even more than in other sports, individual qualities are not enough without this requirement, and the commitment of everyone to achieve a result shared by all.

The women of Issy Paris Hand illustrate this state of mind with elegance and determination." 

Joseph GANDOLFO – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer