A comprehensive operator in safe and reliable mobility, Aximum applies its know-how to the various stages of your project


Study the environment of your project both from the point of view of infrastructure and of travel, to suggest appropriate solutions


Install the best products according to best practice, taking care of our teams, the environment and all those concerned during the implementation phase


Help you to ensure the proper functioning of your equipment through the implementation of practical and innovative solutions for listing, monitoring and managing assets


Proximity and dialogue

Our experience and versatility enables us to adapt to environments that are very different from each other, presenting specific issues for users, elected representatives and managers.

Urban space

Operation while a work site is ongoing

Large projects

Urban space


The urban environment is particularly concerned by major transformations. Although the timetable and scope of all the current disruptions are not easy to assess, safety of travel remains the major concern of roaming citizens.
A partner in your projects, Aximum offers you high-performance and innovative solutions which include all modes of transport, promote eco-mobility and take into account your concerns in the economic and social fields. We can therefore support you in implementing your travel policy.

Act for
a safer city

The most fragile users are the subject of particular attention, to preserve their entitlement to safe and reliable mobility. Aximum has a range of solutions to

  • Promote accessibility
  • Secure crossroads
  • Protect pedestrians
  • Control intersections and level crossings

The harmonious cohabitation of different road users is made possible by various systems, notably products for marking, signalling and road signage, which can:

  • Mark contact zones and 30 km/h limit zones
  • Mark out routes
  • Reduce speed
  • Control access

A welcoming and reassuring town centre is a factor in social cohesion. Taking care of the inhabitants of towns also involves seeking functionality and aesthetics in your facilities:

  • Public lighting
  • Pedestrian zones
  • Small posts, barriers and guardrails

Particular nuisances can occur following incidents, acts of delinquency or notably during periods of construction work. Aximum can help you to reduce them through its solutions for:

  • Information and communication systems
  • Video surveillance
  • Patrolling
  • Security arrangements near work sites

sustainable mobility

Easing congestion in towns contributes both to favouring calm traffic and reducing atmospheric pollution. Our know-how in traffic management enables us to respond to requests:

  • Traffic studies
  • Management of traffic and crossroads with traffic lights
  • Installation of control rooms for supervising and regulating traffic

The development of reserved lanes can optimise the travel for each type of user, in accordance with the restrictions related to each mode of transport. Aximum supports you in providing its solutions to these issues:

  • Management of public transport priorities
  • Signage
  • Developments to mark out spaces

In large towns, about 20% of drivers are driving around looking for a place to park. Facilitating this search has as many beneficial effects for the municipality as for the motorist. This is why Aximum has developed solutions to provide information and guidance to parking places.

Supply and installation of recharging terminals






Be your leading partner

Aximum has developed a solution for managing assets, operation and geo-location, which constantly provides local authorities with a clear view of the state of their equipment and thus ensures that their operations are monitored effectively.

The only business application dedicated to systems for signalling, retention and road marking, Patrimonia contributes to simplifying the technical and administrative monitoring of your equipment

Experienced in operations in the middle of towns and under all traffic conditions, Aximum's teams are able to take charge of the maintenance of your equipment.

Through our experience and know-how, we can meet your requirements for performance and, in particular, provide overall contracts, thus contributing to your cost control.

Operation while a work site is ongoing


The improvement and maintenance of infrastructure or structures regularly requires work and the intervention of managers. The usage conditions for the road and the spaces are then modified. Aximum's history is combined with that of operation while a work site is ongoing, with our teams working one after the other to protect the work zones or our own constructions, and always the users of the street or road, so that everyone's safety is preserved in all circumstances.







Facilitate traffic in the work site phase

Our teams know and have mastered the very specific conditions for installing horizontal and vertical signage and traffic guidance equipment, with traffic still running or in the context of closures which demand preparation, rigour and anticipation. The inventor of illuminated lane-neutralisation arrows, and with fully-equipped vehicles and experienced personnel who are well-versed in the safety regulations, Aximum continues to develop solutions to make its operations during this critical phase even more reliable.

We can offer you solutions that enable users to have information on their journey times when they enter the work zone. Temporary traffic-management equipment, notably in urban environments, contributes to minimising the impact of the work site on traffic flow.

Act for safer work zones

Aximum has a range of modular lane separators appropriate to your installation and traffic conditions. Specific solutions are available to you, depending whether you have to protect a work zone in any of the following environments:

  • Urban
  • Peri-urban
  • Road
  • Motorway


Our range of shock absorbers, equipment and connections contributes to efficiently handling zones of approach, activity and end of work. 

Aximum has developed mobile speed alert solutions, which can be installed on work zones and easily moved according to the configuration of work and danger zones.

Taking into account possible nuisances (visual, noise and congestion) generated by a work site can reduce the impact and improve acceptability for local residents and users. To do this, Aximum provides you with fixed and dynamic information and signage systems, as well as additional equipment such as siding or lighting.

Be your leading partner

Our know-how in transportation engineering is very useful in enabling us to suggest the most appropriate layouts and equipment. We can therefore assess the nature and density of traffic conditions and anticipate the consequences of the work site on traffic.

We also take into consideration the duration of work and whether or not the work site is mobile.

The work zones are by definition adaptable and changeable. Ensuring the best implementation conditions for companies in charge of building structures contributes to good implementation and respect for schedules. Our teams are responsive and capable of intervening for planned and unplanned work in the context of out-of-hours duty

The only business application dedicated to systems for signalling, retention and road marking, Patrimonia contributes to simplifying the technical and administrative monitoring of temporary or permanent equipment.

Large projects

Our Large Projects team is at your disposal
to examine your complex,
concession or road-operation projects.

Aximum is at your disposal to study all your projects, concession or road operations . From the emergence of a problem up to its resolution, our dedicated Large Project team can support you on matters related to safety, operation and maintenance of your infrastructure, regardless of the equipment concerned.


We are able to coordinate studies and implementation or adaptation of the equipment which contribute to improving the functioning of your network or your site. From monitoring to winter maintenance, from installation to maintenance of equipment and shoulders or dependencies, we integrate all your project settings at conception.